Generic plugins

This page documents plugin import usage only.

Real time block list

A Real Time Block List plugin, cf

>>> from sid.rtbl import RTBL, BL
>>> RTBL.pubsub_server = ''
>>> # Optional: Node to subcribe, defaults to 'muc_bans_sha256'
>>> RTBL.node = 'muc_bans_sha256'
>>> # Optional: Add this JID hash to the list, default is empty, usefull for test
>>> BL.init = {'1312b8ca593cd074f39ef15cc8442cdf426b21480958836d9ab678ca45ed1312': 'Test!'}
>>> # Optional: Set plugin log level, default inherit from the bot
>>> RTBL.log_level = logging.DEBUG


Publish news from various Debian feeds (security, planet, package tracker, see sid.feeds.Feeds.FEEDS for defaults).

Can easily be used for other feeds (rss, atom).


Feeds plugin depends on external module: feedparser

>>> from sid.feeds import Feeds
>>> # Time between check in seconds
>>> Feeds.TEMPO = 60
>>> # Fedds to monitor, cf. sid.feeds.Feeds.FEEDS for defaults
>>> Feeds.FEEDS = [

Debian plugins


Fetch packages info from the archive

>>> from sid.archive import Archive


Intercepts bugs numbers in MUC messages and send info about it

>>> from sid.bts import Bugs